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Orquestra de la Universitat Rovira i Virgili


University Orchestra
Av. Catalunya, 35

  • Our Orchestra was born in the 1999-2020 season under the batoon of Markus Schikora, formed with the participation of the different groups of the URV. That group became, over time, a symphony orchestra and since then has performed all kinds of repertoire, always with an emphasis on composers and performers from our country, Catalonia. The premiere of Joan Guinjoan’s 1st Symphony in 2015 is an example, as is the collaboration with other international artists and our presence in various concert halls in our country, including the Barcelona Auditorium. After Tomàs Grau and Marcel Ortega, Miquel Massana is currently the main conductor.

  • Our orchestra has a strong commitment to the development of excellence as well as to university participation and everything that comes with it. That is why our participation in this project is an impetus and support to carry out this goal and we will intend to implement all those proposals that help to achieve these transversal skills.

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