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Music is a universal language

The project

MEETS has its primary objective to contribute to the development of key competences and transversal skills of HE students

As of November 2019, 3,2 mln of young Europeans were still unemployed. Yet, 40% of EU employers report that they have difficulties in finding people with the skills they need to grow and innovate, stressing that applicants often lack transversal skills.
Higher education institutions (HEIs) have a long experience in preparing at best their students on vertical knowledge, though they still need to improve their offer and find new ways to provide students with transversal skills for employability, success in social and civic life as well as innovation, competitiveness and social fairness.

Music is a universal language that can help foster the development of key competences and interpersonal, communication, cognitive and personal skills. Music is also part of the European cultural heritage EU key stakeholders want to preserve, while promoting EU cultural diversity. In addition, culture and music can have a pivotal role to bridge the cultural and socio-economic gaps and contribute to a more inclusive society.

Some Higher Education Institutions do propose non-formal and informal activities in the music field with their orchestras and choirs. Some of these actually make the link between these activities and the development of transversal skills. Some others do not. However, there is no standard practice to make use of music to foster key competences and transversal skills of
Higher Education students.


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Goals of the project

The main result of the project is the development of the MEETS method to use music-based activities in university and college orchestras and choirs to develop HE students’ transversal skills. The methodology and activities envisaged to achieve it include:


Mapping report of HE initiatives using orchestras and choirs as non-formal and informal activities to build transversal skills.
A mapping research of similar activities, outlining good practices and lessons learned, as the baseline upon which building the MEETS method.


Online validation tool to assess transversal skills acquired in musical activities.
An online validation tool to help students recognize the transversal skills developed during music-based activities and keep track of their progress.


How to set up music-based activities to develop transversal skills in university and college orchestras and choirs. The MEETS training platform, providing universities and colleges with a new, attractive methodology for the enhancement of key competences through the use of music.


The project foresees a number of activities to reach the expected results.