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Sveriges Orkesterförbund


  • Association of Swedish Orchestras (Sveriges Orkesterförbund) was started in 1999 when two organisations were brought together in one. The association organize 10.000 musicians within wind bands, symphony orchestras, big bands and chamber orchestras. Altogether 310 orchestras. The idea is as follows:
    “Association of Swedish Orchestras would like to give people the opportunity to develop both in the fields of social and culture basis.We do this through good service, work within education, events, competitions and influence in the politic of culture. The work of the association shall be recognized competency, caring and flexibility.”

    Association of Swedish Orchestras is involved in many projects. The magazine “Musician” (Musikant) is done in Umeå. Sweden are divided in areas with their own boards. The association is led by the General manager, Magnus Eriksson, sited in Stockholm. The administration is located in Solna. Our chairman is Jörgen Flink.

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