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Estonian Symphony Orchestras Association


  • Estonian Symphony Orchestras Association was founded in 1999 and it operated for a couple of years, organizing national youth symphony orchestra days, festivals, concerts etc. In March 2010 the association was re-established. At the moment the union consists of 28 youth symphony and string orchestras. In 2011 the association helped to organize symphony orchestras concert during Youth Song Festival. On the eve of festival the union organized a successful concert on the rooftop of Viru Center at the Rooftop Cinema. In February 2012, the union organized youth orchestras concert at The House of the Blackheads. In addition, there have been many work-shops, seminars and info-evenings for members and others in Viljandi and Tallinn. On 21st of April 2013, in Narva, was organized a big concert for youth orchestras, which ended with a performance of orchestra consisting of 160 young musicians.