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Alberto Lolli

Alberto Lolli is the Rector of the Almo Collegio Borromeo of Pavia. An expert on the world of youth and contemporary culture, his research centres on experiences of community life, especially those concerning young people, some of which he accompanies with care and passion.


Alessandro Marangoni

Alessandro Marangoni is one of the leading Italian pianist. He studied with Maria Tipo and he played in important theatres like Teatro alla Scala, Teatro La Fenice, Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome, as well as in Europe, Americas, China and Australia. He recorded more than 20 CD for Naxos, especially the first world recording of Rossini’s Péchés de vieillesse. He studied Philisophy at University of Pavia and he is artistic director of Almo Collegio Borromeo. He won the Abbiati Prize in 2019.


Guido Bosticco

Guido Bosticco

Guido Bosticco, writer and journalist, is Visiting Professor at the University of Pavia, Department of Philosophy. He is co-director of the Vittorio Dan Segre Foundation and member of the Ethics Committee of the Umberto Veronesi Foundation. He is the co-founder of Epoché, a consulting company of cultural development and communication. He is an experienced trainer in creative thinking courses, where transversal skills and key competences are the core of the educational activities.


Jessica Colombo

Jessica Colombo has a ten-year experience in the management of international projects addressing social and educational issues. She has worked with different international organisations, such as the European Commission, the World Bank, Ministries of Education and public institutions of various countries, and UN agencies (e.g. WFP, FAO, UNFPA). She is also an experienced trainer and has participated in a number of research projects.


Denis Zanchetta

Denis Zanchetta is the principal conductor of the Orchestra of Almo Collegio Borromeo: he is a conductor of great experience, especially with student orchestras and first clarinet piccolo at Teatro alla Scala for 40 years.


Marco Berrini

Marco Berrini is the conductor of the choir, one of the most famous and acclaimed choir conductor and teacher in Italy, jury member of international choir competitions.



Davide Griffini

Davide Griffini is the general secretary of Collegio Borromeo and is head of the didactical activities implemented therein. He organises and supervises also all events, conferences and cultural activities held at Collegio Borromeo.


Maria Romero Rubio

Maria Romero Rubio is head of management of the Area of Musical Activities of the OFUV. She is an experienced manager dealing with all aspects of the orchestra, from the enrollment of students to the logistics and event organisation. She is also a psychologist focusing on the personal development of students engaged in the orchestra.


Beatriz Fernández Aucejo

Beatriz Fernández Aucejo is the artistic and musical conductor of the OFUV. She has been a member herself of the OFUV when she was a student. She has an international profile, having worked with important orchestras both on the international and Spanish scenes.


Merete Ellegaard

Merete Ellegaard, the conductor of LAO, will be the key person in the project. She has 28 years-experience of conducting orchestras of different levels, both professional and amateur. She has been the artistic leader of 4 different student-based orchestras/choir, for a total of 15 years. Outside her position at the university, she’s an experienced lecturer in the field of leadership and communication. She is also administrator and examiner at the university courses in choral singing and orchestral playing.


Janne Jakobson

Janne Jakobson is a culture sector professional, focused on work in orchestra management and with music theater production. Currently working as a project manager for Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, Production manager for International music theater festival Birgitta festival and as manager for Tallinn University Symphony Orchestra. For 9 years she worked as Events manager in Tallinn University and while organising university events (graduation ceremonies, inauguration of rector, receptions, freshers week etc), she also coordinated the work of university choirs, folk dance ensemble and was one of the founders of the Tallinn University Symphony Orchestra.


Martin Sildos

Martin Sildos is the conductor of the Tallinn University Symphony Orchestra since 2013. He has worked with multiple symphony and chambers orchestras as well as several choirs. He has had many European collaborations which can bring an added value to the project.


Hanne De Maeyer

Hanne De Maeyer, the current project manager, has recently been in contact with most of the ENUO members and established a close relationship with them resulting in the fact that she has a good overview of what lives among the current ENUO members. She also knows her way around the organization of a concert, the logistics of and on stage and the processes of recruiting future musicians. Furthermore, she is still an active musician in the Royal Academic Orchestra of Uppsala and can get a pretty good overview of the dynamics within an orchestra. Being involved in the continuation of the ENUO, she has also developed organizational skills that also consider qualities like engagement and taking initiative.


Stefano Sgarella

Stefano Sgarella is the President of FFF. He works as video producer, editor and director for various Italian universities, public institutions, foundations and no-profit associations, specializing in projects with social and educational backgrounds. Since 2010 he has been actively collaborating with the International Labor Organization for the international campaign against the exploitation of child labor.


Veronica Gariboldi

Veronica Gariboldi is a designer and photographer working with artists and no-profit associations. She delivers tailor-made projects taking care of all the stages of the design process, from brainstorming to the realization.