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MEETS & Fundacion Santa Maria la Real

MEETS & Fundacion Santa Maria la Real 2000 1335 MEETS

MEETS has been contacted by Fundacion Santa Maria la Real in order to take part in their research project Emple-Arte on how Art, in all its forms, can contribute to enhancing the employability of people in long-term unemployment.
Although the target is different, the rationale behind our projects is similar: Art, and therefore Music, has the potential to improve skills and competences that contribute to the holistic development of people. Art and Music have the intrinsic power to foster those transversal – or soft – skills that help people improve their ability to relate with other people and live fully in a society.
MEETS has given insights to Emple-Arte’s research on possible methods and approaches to develop the transversal skills of beneficiaries through music. We also shared good practices and lessons learned that we have collected so far. We had the possibility to share some of our results included in our Music and Transversal Skills report, MEETS’ first output.
This was the first contact and we hope there will be more to keep collaborating towards the same objective.