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132 orchestras from 16 European countries

Providing a deeper cultural understanding through the means of music

Background and Experience

The European Network of University Orchestras (ENUO) brings together university symphony orchestras in Europe by facilitating communication between its member organizations.

The mission of ENUO is to serve as a platform where members of European university symphonic orchestras and their administrations can easily share information and exchange ideas.

By facilitating these interactions, ENUO aims to inspire creative cooperation between its members, and as a result, provide a deeper cultural understanding within the European Union.
The ENUO website serves as the main platform for the network. Here one can find a list of all member orchestras and their contact information, a calendar of upcoming concerts presented by member orchestras, future projects organized by the network, inspiration for your own orchestra, and copies of previous newsletters.
On February 22, 2012, ENUO was officially launched with 93 member orchestras from 15 countries. Today, the network has 132 member orchestras from 16 countries within the EU.
The ENUO office is run by the project team, which are responsible for the website (enuo.eu), Facebook page, recruiting of new potential members, as well as organizing activities by the network like, for instance, our very own chamber music initiative which got launched in the Autumn of 2019 and putting the spotlights on one member orchestra each month in our monthly column “The Orchestra of the Month”.
The current ENUO-team consists of Stefan Karpe and Hanne De Maeyer who are both employed by Uppsala University and involved in the ENUO on a voluntary basis.

  • As we have established a network of 132 symphonic orchestras (and counting) connected to a European university from 16 different countries within the EU, we believe that we have the ideal foundation to reach out to the target group of the proposed project. Furthermore, being connected to a respected university, Uppsala University, and in close collaboration with the local symphonic orchestra, the Royal Academic Orchestra of Uppsala, we consider ourselves to be highly engaged in both the musical and educational aspect that is required.

    For instance, the founder of the ENUO, Director Musices Stefan Karpe, conducts the local orchestra and has close relationships with his fellow European conductors. He knows which components and skills are necessary and essential from both an educational and musical point of view to not only lead an orchestra but also deliver a successful production. The type of production can vary from an opera, musical to communal opportunities where young children are introduced to classical music, whether or not with hands-on experience. Providing the possibility to expose society to this variety of events showcases his ability to think outside the box of the classical way of sharing music.


Project Manager



Hanne De Maeyer

Hanne De Maeyer, the current project manager, has recently been in contact with most of the ENUO members and established a close relationship with them resulting in the fact that she has a good overview of what lives among the current ENUO members. She also knows her way around the organization of a concert, the logistics of and on stage and the processes of recruiting future musicians. Furthermore, she is still an active musician in the Royal Academic Orchestra of Uppsala and can get a pretty good overview of the dynamics within an orchestra. Being involved in the continuation of the ENUO, she has also developed organizational skills that also consider qualities like engagement and taking initiative.