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Believing in the power of music

Dissemination and promotion of music
are essential to build a better future

Background and Experience

Forte? Fortissimo! is a non-profit association created to promote the “Music of Art”, including symphonic, chamber, choir, jazz music and soundtracks, mainly on the web.

The final result of Forte? Fortissimo!’s activities is to develop new, innovative video formats and live events on the subject of music in all its forms.

Its main goals entail:
– Disseminate cultural events and projects, especially targeted new audiences among young people by supporting the values of culture and social inclusion
– Create training and educational events, including courses, conferences, workshops targeting professionals and school personnel, with a specific focus on socio-cultural themes
– Realize informative multimedia materials to promote cultural and artistic events
– Promote the activities of artistic schools and higher education institutions, theatres and festivals at national and international levels.Its main activities are an innovative WebTV, with the production of videos of concerts and interviews with musicians, the presence on social networks and the organization of reviews, meetings, concerts, exhibitions on national and international territory.
Forte? Fortissimo! joined and disseminated the international campaign “Music against Child Labour” organized and supported by the International Labour Organization (ILO) of the United Nations.

The staff is composed of young and famous musicians, directors and web designers, graphic designers, social media specialists with great experience in music organization with several skills: concert organization, event promotion, orchestral activities organization, choral activity organization, communication campaigns development, project management.

  • FFF has implemented numerous activities that are relevant to the MEETS project.

    The Music Anywhere is a project for music, territory and cultural promotion. Any initiative that concerns high quality music, names or interpreters of excellence and the enhancement of a place or territory falls within this format.

    Music against Child Labour is an intercultural project for the dissemination of social messages concerning the rights of children and young people, in particular the fight against the exploitation of child labour. This project was implemented in collaboration with the UN International Labor Organization.

    Childhood Music Education is dedicated to children’s music and the importance of music in preschool and school childhood education.

    Talent Skout explores new talents and promotes young musicians. It involves promotional music and video productions for talented young musicians or performers.

    Recordmaniacs is a format dedicated to all fans of the vinyl, conducted with great charisma and sympathy by Paolo Zeccara, passionate LP and CD collector.

    Italy in Music is a new format on the Italian music system network, in particular during the emergence of the Coronavirus and the problems of closed theaters. The project entails many episodes, like for instance one with a lounge where we talk about music with musicians and music organizers.




Stefano Sgarella

Stefano Sgarella is the President of Forte? Fortissimo! He works as video producer, editor and director for various Italian universities, public institutions, foundations and no-profit associations, specializing in projects with social and educational backgrounds. Since 2010 he has been actively collaborating with the International Labour Organization for the international campaign against the exploitation of child labor.


Veronica Gariboldi

Veronica Gariboldi is a designer and photographer working with artists and no-profit associations. She delivers tailor-made projects taking care of all the stages of the design process, from brainstorming to the realization.